Selected Customer Comments  Just a few!


4 April  Thanks for your help!  I have enjoyed working with you L O

29 Jun The package arrived TODAY! (I can hardly believe it.) We're waiting only on your getting my check to be considered "done." 

16 Jun  thanks for forks...they are great..received them wed. sent check today....Rob

Dec 10   Silver arrived on time and in excellent condition   Thanks a lot A great present for my daughter   G Pasadena

Dec 10  Greetings Nick--It was my good fortune to contact you from the internet to help identify the lone fork left me by my Grandmother. What I can't believe is that you contacted me within hours of my e-mail to you! Thank you so much for you time, and it's good to know that you have an assortment of fine silverware in the Madam Jamal pattern that I can acquire from you.  I'm so impressed by your knowledge and thoroughness in providing me information about the quality of silverware, and the specifics of design, like "French", etc.-- And, you knew the pattern immediately once I sent you the picture!  Please be assured I will be contacting you in the future, and it's good to know that you make yourself so available and helpful to customers. I'm glad you are in the business!!  My best to you, MM Indiana

Nov 10  Again, your prompt attention was appreciated for my yearly order was processed quickly and efficiently! RB OR. 

Apr 10  Thanks for the fast service and answering all my questions!!!    You trusted me!!!! KM

   Many other thank you's  too numerous to add all!!! 

March 10 My spoons came this afternoon - am very pleased. Will certainly refer people to you.

Thank you very much - MS

Dec 09  Fast and quick service  THANK YOU!!!!  PB

Dec 09 KW writes:  Sterling Source did a fabulous job for me as I was looking for a place setting of sterling in "excellent condition" flatware.  Responses to my inquiries were very prompt, the price was lower than other places, the condition of the place setting was just as described, and it was a pleasure doing business with such a reliable source!  I recommend them highly!  KW

Nov 09  Yearly order was processed quickly and efficiently!  Thanks for the prompt attention. RB Oregon

Oct 09  Great service  We are pleased with service and the silver  WA

Jan 09  Your website is very helpful and attractive.  Great work.  CP

 4 March    I just wanted to let you know the silver arrived on Friday and I could not be more pleased!  The pieces are beautiful.  I will be ordering more from you soon.  Thanks so much, LW

16 Jun Received today are the two Chantilly knives.  They are great and I thank you very much!! Regards, CS

4/26 Hi The silver arrived today in good shape & we are very pleased. After 43 years of marriage we now have a service for 6. Nobody said I ever did things in a hurry! Thanks so much! D&R T

4/15 The Francis I bread plates arrived exactly on time and they are absolutely stunning.  Thanks  S

4/19  Eagle landed. Silver really nice. Thanks so much - for remembering my need, for staying in touch, for the great follow up.
Best regards,  L

4/8 Just wanted you to know the silver arrived yesterday and I think it is beautiful!!!....Thanks again The silverware has met & exceeded my expectations. RS

5/15 Just a note to let you know the spoons arrived as promised- and C is one very happy gal!! I thank you  for your help. Now I  have a more timely source for birthday/special occasion gifts that make her this happy!!! WW

5/25 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I got my check back from you...thanks.
I don't know how that happened--and I still am not quite sure that your books are right: that I paid for some silver twice! Please let me know if I really do
owe you something. You are great people to work with. I really appreciate you.   VC

25 Jul the knives arrived today and they're  beautiful and right!!!!!!  thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put me on your mailing list for  old lily inventory  or let me know how to keep current thanks again for a lovely  addition  to my silver. fm

26 Jul Knows silver. items just as described. good communication. fast FF

15 Aug  Place setting arrived and I was tickled pink! It is better than described.  MG

16 Aug Super fast response, helpful with info, great emails, would buy again RR

25 Sep Thank you for the package - it arrived and all is in good order, and
the sterling is in great shape.   DB

3 Oct The nugget spoon arrived today - what a beauty! BW

9 Oct We have arrival!!!   Just a quick note to let you know that the Chantilly pieces (Serving Fork / Two HH Individual Butters) arrived today...and they are great! 

10 Oct thanks again!  great service and great merchandise!  K

6 Dec The silver arrived and is in great shape. Thanks for your efforts and quick service.

9 Dec  My silver fork arrived today and it is perfect.  Thank you.

16 Dec   YES, I got my order!  It's all beautiful!!!!!  I love it all. Thank you so much. :)

29 Jan John & Priscilla arrived this afternoon. I am very pleased with the pieces
that you sent.

29 Jan  Received Gorham  Sea Rose carving set today.  Very pleased, Thank You

28 Jan  We received the sterling Friday afternoon and are very pleased with it. Everything was wrapped well and arrived in great condition. In fact, we used it Saturday night! My husband was not overly impressed (a fork is a fork is a fork...) However, I love it and my mom is pleased that I got that pattern. Thanks for your prompt sending of the flatware!

Jan I received my order just fine. Thank you! MM 

6 Feb Just received my 3 soup spoons. I'm thrilled -- thanks so much. Please do keep me at the top of your list because I want 9 more. Keep shopping and buying!! H

10 Feb  Delighted with my order!!! Thanks so much

 19 Feb Thanks they were in the office.  They are perfect.! V

5 Mar The 3 forks arrived today and are beautiful!!  Just as you promised. Thanks so much.  B

21 Mar Forks came today and were just great thanks!!! VM

21 Mar Hi  I received the place/soup spoon today and it was in wonderful condition...thank you so much DS

31 Mar I made a hit with the Damask Rose for H's birthday

20 May Spring Glory  "A perfect transaction. What more can I say?"
OOOOPS!  I forgot this wasn't an e-bay transaction. Oh, well. It's true in any case. T Germany/Deutschland

25 May The silver just arrived and I am ecstatic!  I am delighted, as always with the quality of your silver, - no imperfections, no excessive wear, that kind of thing that one gets from ** or ***   NM So Cal

1 Jul  Wanted to let you know that the Diadem spoons arrived safely and that I am SO pleased. They are perfect.  Thanks so much for the great service and for your patience.  J

14 Jul Thank you!  I received the knife I ordered from you.  It is the correct one and I like it very much. PB

15 Jul The Dauphin and Lansdowne arrived today and they are all great. Much thanks to you and UPS ARQ

15 Jul Just wanted to let you know that the first shipment arrived Monday in excellent condition.  The blue wrap for the place settings is a real bonus, and I thank you so very much. ND

26 Jul I got the BEST prices on sterling replacement pieces from  -- --- UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES AND BEAUTIFUL PIECES - LIKE NEW!!!!  THE PEOPLE ARE SO-o-o-o-o- nice - they're in CA - Don't buy ANYTHING Till you check THEIR prices - I waited till they found pieces I needed for my "Wallace - Spanish Lace" and can't believe how much less I paid vs. other sites and how nice the pieces looked!!!.  Tell them I recommended you - I really LIKE THEM!!!!!  - They're in Sacramento, CA. find & mail pieces to you.
2 Aug Just received the silver and it's PERFECT!!!!!!  Thanks again. JH

3 Aug The silver arrived yesterday, and I must thank you again for your service. It's been cool, even if the weather isn't. NB
12 Aug I received the master butter knife today and it is lovely. Thanks so much for the sale!

20 Oct.....silver arrived just a few minutes ago!  I am SO tickled!
Since it is no-mono, we can have it monogrammed to match my Mom's silver
which she received as a wedding gift in 1925, and now is a prize
possession of my Son and his Wife.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your help!  Happy Halloween!  J A

21 Oct my Royal Danish cocktail forks arrived last week and they are wonderful!  Thank you  A L 

23 Oct Received the pieces yesterday. As usual, they were in excellent shape. C

16 Nov received my Crown Princess teaspoon by Fine Arts yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that I could not be more pleased.  It is in beautiful condition, thank you so much! RD

15 Jan I was thrilled to get my silver. Thank you!!!    TJ Florida

18 Jan Got my silver, today thanks. Both pieces are very pretty and, I must say, a good deal CLEANER than mine!! DB

3 Feb Got here today. Very nice. Thanks. GJ

10 Feb The silver arrived today and it is beautiful!! Thanks for everything JA

15 Mar Silver was wonderful! Thanks so much!!!  KL

23 Mar As advertised, it's an exact match, and arrived in excellent condition.  Thank You LP

8 April Thanks a bunch guys!! I'm having way too much fun w/mysterling. 

14 April Just wanted to let you know the silverware arrived today. All the pieces I ordered are here, and in great condition. I will highly recommend Sterlingsource to others! MF 

15 Jun The forks arrived safely today and I am very pleased.  Many thanks!  BN

15 Jul Just a note to let you know that my customer loved the Rosette forks.  Thanks!  M (Same pattern as Mark Twain's on display in Hartford  Circa 1870)

23 Jul Everything is perfect.  Thank you so much, and please keep me on your list for additional pieces to add to my daughter's pattern.  Thanks again.  DB

25 Jul I got a box today!  Yipee, the gumbos look GREAT MM

12 Aug  received the oval spoons yesterday.  Everything arrived in great shape and they are beautiful. PJB

15 Aug Just received fork & I am delighted. Thank you. K

16 Sep  Spoon perfect-thank you-will do business again S

16 Sep  UPS just came with my John Alden. It's lovely-----I'm very pleased. N

Oct 9 Thank you for...It is just beautiful. JE 

20 Oct Just wanted to let you know that I received the silver order yesterday.  Thanks.  Love it.  MD  

5 Dec Received today are the two Chantilly knives.  They are
great and I thank you very much!!! CS Canada 

11 Dec  We just got the silver and it is even more beautiful than I thought.  Thank you so much and thanks for packing it so well!  Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GB

12 Dec The flatware arrived this afternoon.  I am VERY pleased.  RD

15 Dec Just wanted to let you know I was back in the states and picked up my silver.  Thank you very much.  It looks beautiful.  Love those soup spoons.  SR  (Etruscan)

22 Nov  Forks received today.  They look great!  Thanks very much!  ML

14 Dec  Very pleased   GN 

   27 Feb  I just wanted to let you know the silver arrived on Friday and I could not be more pleased!  The pieces are beautiful.  I will be ordering more from you soon.  Thanks so much, LW

   Mar  Just love our silver  Thanks for having the older pattern in stock!!  JK

Aug Just what we wanted!!!  Will refer you  CE

Oct I am more than satisfied and we'll refer you. Thanks again for working with me.  PW

Nov  The Francis First settings are just wonderful. I can't get over the impact that they make in a table setting!!  Feel free to use us a reference. PW Conneticut

The package arrived in a timely fashion and was what was represented by you.  I do thank you for the service.  SB

Jan Just to let you know that we received the pieces in today's mail.  They are beautiful.  THANKS!  I believe that we would like to complete the rest of the ice teaspoons next.   Hopefully, you have received our check for the amount by now. Thanks again for all of your work.  DW

Nick, the silver arrived today, its great!! I loved the sardine fork, super piece!! thanks so much and I look forward to doing business again.

April The spoons arrived and I am very pleased.  If you get any additional Kirk King pieces, please let me know. It was pleasant doing business with you.  JR   

April  I am so happy with my Violet by Whiting meat fork and soups ladle!!!! Thanks so much. They are beautiful.  I am also looking for a stuffing spoon in the same pattern.  Thank you,   LA

Jun  I received the spoon in great shape.  Thanks so much.  MG

Jul 2006 I was looking for some unusual pieces in a discontinued sterling pattern (my grandmother's) and Nick at Sterling Source put out an on-line request for me.  The next day he had found the pieces I needed with an individual in Chicago and suggested I deal with that person directly...Nick was very personable and willing to help even though he was not making a sale for his own company...that kind of customer service is rare these days.  Thank you, Nick!!!  It's nice to know there are people like you out there in cyberspace (or California as the case may be). 
D in North Carolina 

August 2006      Nick, I really appreciate your help. Everything arrived in excellent condition; has been taken to local jeweler for engraving.   LS

Nov  2006 Greenbriar soups arrived and now I want 6 more . Great service Tulsa OK

Nov 2006  Nick...the salad forks just arrived and I am very pleased!  Thanks so much and have a great holiday!  JV

Nov 2006 Can never thank you enough for the silver APB that you sent out.  It flushed out 4 dinner knives for me right smack in my own city (New Orleans) from Duncan Cox at "As You Like It" - I am thrilled.  I think this internet thing is here to stay!!! DS
Nov 2006 The Prelude arrived yesterday and it is beautiful-thank you!  What else do you have available in that pattern?  D

May 2007 I received the teaspoons one day last week.....thanks so much for being so prompt.    THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF ME AND MY WAYWARD TEASPOONS   LV

Received your check today (Thursday).  Thanks so much for helping me with this.
We love Virginia.  J

38 May 2007 Id prefer to work with smaller companies if possible.  Ive found that they give better service, are more forthright about the totality of the situation, and well, I prefer entrepreneurs as opposed to larger corporations and look for them whenever I can.  The fact that you included pictures, provided a full explanation, and were more than willing to refer me to another source to try to meet my needs sold me completely on your company.  Whatever the outcome of this particular transaction, I will be coming to you first for whatever I may need going forward.

Thank you again for the wonderful service and I will be responding as to a final decision soon.   B

Jun 2007  Received my recent order everything in good shape Im happy it all looks good.  Thanks so much.  Have a nice day   CF


Jul 2007  Hi Nick:  I wanted to let you know the "Gorham Perspective" arrived yesterday, and it is nice shape for it's age.  I APPRECIATE this.  Appreciate your time/help.  JR

Sep 2007 Just a quick note to let you know that the knives (Birks, Louis XV) arrived safely. I would have written sooner, but my computer was out for repairs. I love my i-mac, but there are glitches from time to time. The knives are perfect. I am very happy with them.   
Your kindness and generosity in sending all twelve is very much appreciated. Sterling Source is high on my list of great businesses.  Hope all is well with your car. DB Canada 

Dec 2007  Silver was lovely and just what we wanted.  Thanks for the fast and considerate service  LB

Jun 2008  My daughter in law received the soup spoons and they are just beautiful, look like new.  We are very pleased. Thanks again for a very satisfactory transaction.  Sylvia

Jul 08   I got the spoons today Saturday and they are GREAT!  Cant tell you how excited I am to have them.  Very fast service!!!  MA  

Aug   Thanks so much for the knife  It matched perfectly based on your extraordinary help and in GREAT condition!!  My set is now complete again.    Fast and efficient service   ER Oregon

Sep  I have inherited some sterling and could NOT figure out the pattern.   I was able to recognize the hallmark on the pattern from your site and  identified the pattern as International Elegance.  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.  JE  

Nov  Thanks so much for the rapid service.  Silver is BEAUTIFUL!!  Will be ordering more after Thanksgiving. LF  NYC

 Dec  Thanks for the prompt and positive service  I got exactly what I needed thanks to your site tips. MC   SC 

Aug Thanks for al your help!!!   Fast service and my son and daughter are immensely pleased  CD OH

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