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Your source for sterling silverware and sterling flatware.

Reed and Barton  Love Disarmed  high relief pattern

1x4 New in wraps Place setting New French Blade Newer $500;   Older Bouillon $265; 2 Piece Salad Set sharp strike Old marks $695;  Fish Serving Slice Old marks $425

Older  Lunch Fork Pat Dec 5 1906 7 1/8 $275; Older Sugar $175;   Newer Roast Carving Fork $55; 

Hollow Handle Cake in New Wraps $200; 

       Gorham Buttercup  12 x 6 Dinner Size settings  Cream soup hollow handle butter $225

Towle Marguax 12 x 4 $300 per setting

Dauphin Newer with Gorham marks and some Older Marks

Dauphin  3x4 Newer $300 (Gorham) ;  2 *** Lunch Forks $70; * Salad $120; 4 Desserts (Gorham) $125;  4 *** Demis $45; *** Fruit Spoon $75; *** Beef Fork 7 5/8 $275; Berry Spoon ~ 8 $385; Cracker Scoop $775; 

Lunt Eloquence  8 New Salad Forks $55 each

Royal Danish 15 New Teaspoons $32  each  

Golden Edgemont Gorham 1987 8 four piece settings new in Fresh Wrappers $225 each

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Many other patterns/pieces new in Wrappers


 Kirk/Stieff Golden Selene  All new in wrappers except 4-5 pcs and with silver anti tarnish gray bags:  

Golden Selene 4 Desserts/Ovals $55; 12 Iced Tea $48; 12 Cocktails $34; 4 Tablespoons $100; Pierced Table $115;  Gravy $115; 2 Piece Carving Set $125; Sugar/Small Server $42; Olive/Pickle $34;  All Gold Accent is excellent

Gorham Chantilly  Like New Full size Salad Forks $44 Each  Place Size Place Forks $55  Several serving pieces

Gorham Chantilly  Lunch/Place. Dinner sizes,  2 Tablespoons $115; Other new in wrappers pieces.  Two Very rare Crumbers (get the crumbs off the table!!!) $995  1904 version; Monogram *R Crumber with Gorham *R Butler (to catch the crumbs!!!) $1495; Sardine old marks $255;

Huge Set Absolutely like NEW!!  All monogram H with Lunch and dinner for 12 w 12 Salads 24 Teas, 11 Ice Cream Forks, 12 Cocktails 12 iced Teas 12 All silver butters carving sets macaroni and more $3500;

Gorham Strasburg  Many place settings some serving pieces  Triple Monogram Mustard Spoon Original $95   Mustard No Mono $115    

Gorham Versailles  Crisp

1888 Triple entwined ciphers

 on back.  Full size teaspoons $29 each.  

Each has a Cherub with a harp. 

12 Demis Gilt Bowl Mono C on back Pairs $50 each pair Copyright date  Acid etched bowls   6 Demis $45 a pair Not acid etched no mono

6 Pristine condition cocktail forks $40 each

  Meat fork $110;  Cheese Scoop Heavy  $175

Soup Ladle Buffed 13 $595/*W gilt Bowl $575; *** Punch Ladle Gilt Bowl $695; 

  L@@king for a HUGE SET??  We have several patterns with up to 20 four piece settings and servers included Email for details. Wallace Rosepoint (new 66 piece set (12 5 piece settings plus servers) $3100 w/box and felts) , STRADIVARI/ Stradavari, Golden Aegean Weave, Romance of the Sea or Grande Baroque all by Wallace.  Prelude or Joan of Arc by International.   Several have new, never used pieces.  


ALSO HAVE A SET FOR 20 of Wallace Capri  Golden Aegean Weave  Stainless $700

 Lots of 4pc settings

 Wallace Grande Baroque   And Wallace  Baroque S T A I N LE S S !!! Antique Baroque looks just like GB!!!!  Knife $4; 3 Forks $6; 3 Desserts $6; 7 Teas $4; 

 Gorham Chantilly 

 International Joan of Arc   Have 11 Dinner knives New French need Modern blades

Many soup ladles and Cucumber (cuke) servers >> Whiting Radiant Cuke $225  Email for information on others

Also many rare, odd, and older pieces.  Bowls, candy dishes, tea strainers   Almost anything in sterling...even Tiffany Book ENDS L Shaped $125 !!!! And a sterling YO YO $65!!!

Tiffany two Handle Vase mono's both sides and on the bottom 1892  7" tall  $625

Fairfax Five Rare Fish Forks $80 each 12 Mono Fish Forks $70 each

Gorham Decor 13 Cream soup $45 ea; 3 Salad forks $60 ea;  Hollow Handle Butters $33;  Forks 7 3/8" $40; 8 Iced Teaspoon $45 each plus more

Gorham Roanoke Huge all Silver  *H Crumber 11 7/8" $185; *H Tablespoon $65

International Abbotsford  Soup Ladle $325; All Silver Pie Mono P $195 + Misc other pieces

Various patterns of Cake Breakers They look like an Afro Comb with Steel prongs $42

International  Prelude  Salad forks $30 each

LABORS OF CUPID  Sardine Gilt $395; 

 MORNING GLORY  Gilt Gravy Ladle 7 $395;

Shiebler Unknown Very Unusual design Gold Washed Bowls -- 6 Shallow Sherbets/Ice Cream Spoons $295 Mono MR on back 

Tiffany Wave Edge 1885 Pattern Monos  4 Lun Forks $58; 

Tiffany 4 Chrysanthemum Like New Lunch Forks $75

Wallace Sir Christopher 4 piece Place Size settings $135  Dinner Size $155; Servers also

Wallace Lotus All Mono R  6 Din Knives New French 12 Lun Forks 4 Salads, 8 Teas and 12 All Silver Butters $900 Many pieces new in Factory wraps.

Wallace Royal Rose  Several serving pieces some place pieces as well Only one size

Over 900 patterns in stock  Thousands of pieces

  Terms:  Checks must clear, Sorry no Visa/MC.   Money orders OK.  We Will need your shipping address.  We will add you to our want list if you want. 25 Day return right.

  Note:  UPS/USPS/FEDEX  shipping is extra.  Cal residents must add 8% sales tax

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Silver Plate Set for 8 French Chippendale 1951 Reed & Barton Eight 5 piece settings like new with meat fork, table/pierced table, sugar spoon, master butter knife 45 Pieces $195 for the set                         

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