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Your source for sterling silverware and sterling flatware.

Sterling information/Hallmarks

Not sure if you have sterling?  Look for "sterling" or ".925" or "925/1000" on the back of forks spoons etc.  Foreign sterling, French and others, will have sterling or 925 (925 parts silver-75 parts copper for strength) or a hallmark such as a head (Austrian) or as in English silver, a lion looking to the left.   Coin silver will often say "Coin"  which is 900 parts silver 100 parts copper.   Also coin silver is very thin and flexes easily.   Sterling flexes easily also but plated silver or stainless does not flex!!!    We've seen fake silverware with the word "sterling" stamped into the silver but the silver does NOT flex!!!! So be careful!!!!    

    Here's a link to the Antique Cupboard  web site with Hallmark/Trademark info on the back of sterling silverware.  Look for the marks and then match to the maker.  We principally do sterling flatware.   Return here for more information. Just click on  http://www.antiquecupboard.com/Trademark.asp

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